About Us


Since 2017, Your Story Painted has been on a mission to better mental health by sharing stories through art and digital storytelling. Rachel loves communicating with others to get a feel for their energy and paint their story. Her style is driven from an at-home personal survey with her client to inspire the creation of their unique painting. She wraps together these thoughtful paintings with a story description to explain the symbolism within the artwork. Along with gifts, these paintings have been inspired as memorials and self testimonials. By choosing to work with us, you're choosing a high-end art service that'll honor your story! Join our community that has grown to over 100 clients to own one of Rachel's originals. Plus, become one of the first 1000 stories to be painted to the blockchain. Get your hands on one of our original NFTs when we launch on Open Sea and receive lifetime client perks through unlock-able content!

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