Sister Cherry Blossom Trees

Today marks my father’s birthday,

I remember I was proud to say,

As a little girl conditioned to play,

With her abuser that would forever stay,

Until she got the confidence to leave,

Grew tall like the cherry blossom trees,

Said goodbye to her daddy,

And all his manifested enemies,

Who stole from her fountain of dreams,

And got lost in her beauty,

Tell me daddy,

Do you love me,

Or do you just use me?

As a trophy,

To show off to your friends and family,

While you tortured us at home endlessly,

And we felt bad because it was always, “pity me”

As you raged in a fury,

Holidays were the most scary,

So today I celebrate me,

And choose to be free,

From my dearest daddy
This painting and poem was recreated from Rachel's original gift made for her father back in 2014 before her freedom. This painting is now up for sale for someone who will truly cherish it. Just look at the transformation from the original!




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