Shifting Seasons

Inspired by Frederick, “Shifting Seasons” features his passion for environmental science. As the full moon in Aries goes direct on October 20, 2021, Frederick celebrates his birthday along the water’s moonlit reflection.  Thankful for this clean water that feeds the luscious, green land surrounding him, Frederick is reminded of the pool of self worth needed to sustain health in this human form. The autumn leaves surrender to the wind and are carried around Frederick revealing the beauty in his breath. Just like the wind, his breath is a sacred part of this ecosystem and after surviving COVID-19, he knows just how powerful his breath can be. The many crows above him symbolize rebirth, signaling a second chance to flourish in this lifetime. Just like the seasons shift, it is healthy to let go of what no longer serves us to make room for new growth and new breath. May he rejoice in the sensational flowers blooming all around him.

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