Shared Ocean

Inspired by Kazuko and her great grandson, Ken, this series depicts the relationship they share under the stars. As the sun rises over the pacific northwest in the left canvas, a silhouetted Ken stands along the shoreline reflecting on memories with his family back home in Japan. Preparing for his trip to see them, he collects shells along the beach to gift Kazuko. As nightfall ascends in the middle canvas across the Pacific Ocean, Ken departs on a 16 hour flight to reunite with his family. Though the trip is long, it is a reminder for both Ken and his family that no matter the distance they share the same ocean water and moon connecting them indefinitely. As the sun sets over Japan on the right canvas, Ken visits his home town of Yokohama, where he experiences the coming of age ceremony with his family. As he walks up the hill to the shrine,  Kazuko sits near a matsu tree cheering on Ken, at peace knowing her legacy will continue. May she always be reminded with this series that the shells Ken found for her are symbolic to his journey– the water will always carry him home and that they are together in spirit when they touch the ocean.

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