Golden Trinity

Inspired by Jason, “Golden Trinity” honors his wife, Juliana, and their son, Franklin. Set at their new home in the pacific northwest, the sun rises over the mountains in the east. Just like the sun warms the skin, Juliana and Franklin’s love warms Jason’s life. The three mountain peaks are symbolic to the steady foundation they embody when they stand together. The full moon creates a triangle with the pine trees, drawing energy inward to what is most important. On this special day when Juliana was born, Jason’s life changed for the better. There aren’t words to describe his admiration for her, other than through his son, who embodies all the golden characteristics of his mother. May she relish in the foundational love around them, like they are wrapped in the warmth of his world, steady and growing strong, unstoppable like the sun's light reflecting off the full moon.

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