Colorful Destiny

Inspired by Nicole, “Colorful Destiny” is a graduation gift for her partner, Evan Waller, in honor of his accomplishments, dreams and passion for environmental science. This painting takes place along the coast of the Olympic Peninsula featuring the Pacific Ocean and highlighting Southern California abstractly. The bright sun setting along the Pacific focuses the energy of this painting from dark to light reminding Evan that no matter the hardship, the universe always brings to forwishen a better day. Just as the sun sparkles, the moon reflects this light. Likewise, Evan reflects this light attracting love and abundance around him, as he is surrounded by flourishing flowers, ferns and trees to symbolize his growing community.  The two purple butterflies reference his memories with Nicole during college. As he stands among the sun’s reflection along the water, Nicole in Southern California stands among the moon’s reflection. Despite the distance, they are together through reflection. Just like the moon reflects the sun, this painting serves to remind Evan to keep shining because those around him are a reflection of his light in this dark world.


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