Cosmic Love

Inspired by Mirina and her partner, Jason, “Cosmic Love” captures Mirina’s energy and Jason’s energy in the left and right canvas respectively. The left canvas follows after Mirina’s sign of Virgo featuring her element of earth and her ruling planet, Mercury. The right canvas follows after Jason’s sign of Scorpio featuring his element of water and his ruling planets, Mars and Pluto. As these energies come together, they tell a story of peace. Mirina, Jason and their two dogs enter the scene in the left canvas, admiring their natural world, just as the spirit world admires them. Here, it's all about the organized collective and how all things work together in the spirit world. In essence, to fall in love with the world around you is to fall in love with yourself. This love flourishes in the right canvas, where Scorpio takes rule. Under the cosmos, Jason and Mirina are kayaking, playful in the way they exchange love. In celebration, wolves howl to the moon in honor of this love written in the stars!

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